Biggest Weight Loss Myths In 2021

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3 min readJul 14, 2021


Are you struggling to lose weight? It is not an easy task, especially when the internet is flooded with all kinds of weight loss advice, proven or not proven, which will get you confused on what to and what not to follow. To make the weight loss journey easier for you, here are some of the biggest weight loss myths you should know not to follow blindly.

1. Weight Loss Supplements and Pills Can Help You Lose Weight

You will find thousands of pills and supplements being advertised online that will help you lose weight. The truth is there is no enough data and research done to back up these statements. The supplements and pills may even contain harmful and hidden ingredients that can harm your body. Don’t just fall for the luring marketing tactics used to make you think that supplements and pills can help you lose weight.

2. Skipping Breakfast Helps in Weight Loss

There is a misconception that you can cut weight quickly by skipping breakfast as you will lower the overall intake of calories in a day. This may not be the case because some people will skip breakfast and have more food during the rest of the day.

3. Eating Breakfast Will Help You Lose Weight

One of the biggest weight loss myths is that by eating breakfast, you can lose weight. While eating in the morning can help you feel full throughout the day and curb your appetite and prevent you from overeating during the day, it does not automatically lead to weight loss.

4. Fat Burning Food Helps in Weight Loss

Some foods lie pineapple, avocado, chilies, broccoli, green tea, and asparagus are said to be fat-burning food. They increase the rate of metabolism in your body, thus helping the body to burn fat quickly. There is no scientific proof that these fat-burning foods can help you lose weight. If they really worked, nobody could be struggling with weight loss.

5. The Only Way To Lose Weight Is to Avoid Carbs

A well-balanced diet should include carbs. By ditching the arbs, you will no longer be eating healthy. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for your body, and not all carbs are bad. You only need to check on your portions, but avoiding carbs altogether will not help you lose weight.

6. It’s Not Possible for Everyone

Losing weight is not all about the calories taken in and taken out. Everyone’s body is different, and other factors like hormones, metabolism, and muscle mass can affect how one loses weight.

Everyone can lose weight, and you just have to find what works for you. You need to know the root cause of the weight gain so that you can address it. For example, changing your eating habits and exercising will not help with hormonal imbalance weight gain. It would be best if you addressed the hormonal imbalance so that you can finally lose weight.

These are some of the biggest weight loss myths that you may come across. If you are on the verge of losing hope and feeling like there is no solution to losing your weight, at, we got you covered. We have a unique 20/30 fast track program that balances multiple hormones and addresses the real problem that is preventing you from losing weight. Learn more here on how it works.



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